Help us recognize an extraordinary doctor

At PeaceHealth Southwest, we recognize physicians who go above and beyond expectations. Clinical expertise and technical skills are important, but commitment to continued education, professionalism and strong interpersonal communications are equally essential.

Our revised Extraordinary Doctor Award and nomination process acknowledges physicians who exceed our core competencies for medical staff membership.

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The Extraordinary Doctor Award committee includes members from the nursing staff, medical staff leadership and Administration. Each quarter the committee reviews nominations submitted over the past three months and selects a winner based, not on the number of nominations, but on the quality of the nominations submitted. Annual nominations will be compiled to help the committee select the Extraordinary Doctor of the year each March.

Please be as specific as possible on why you are recognizing the provider based on a combination of the following criteria (Your nomination does not need to speak to each criterion specifically, but should highlight an area of strength by that physician.)

Medical Knowledge: Demonstrates knowledge of established and evolving biomedical, clinical and social sciences.

  • Overall clinical/specialty knowledge
  • Technical and clinical skills in patient care and education
  • Clinical/Surgical Judgment

Professionalism: Demonstrates behaviors that reflect a commitment to continuous professional development, ethical practice, and a responsible attitude toward their patients, profession, and society.

  • Ethical conduct - Demonstrates respect and integrity
  • Demonstrates sensitivity and responsiveness to others' diversity; to include culture, age, gender and disabilities
  • Professional attitude and sense of responsibility
  • Timely documentation of medical record

Patient Care: Provides patient care that is compassionate, appropriate, and effective for the promotion of health, prevention of illness, treatment of disease and at the end of life.

  • Provides compassionate and appropriate patient care
  • Availability and thoroughness in patient care
  • Appropriate utilization of clinical resources
  • Ability to work well in teams

Systems-Based Practice: Demonstrates understanding of the contexts and systems in which health care is provided and the ability to apply this knowledge.

  • Understands and practices quality/safety concepts
  • Advocate for patients within the health care system

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement: Uses scientific evidence and methods to investigate, evaluate, and improve patient care.

  • Use of evidence based medicine
  • Application of research and evaluation methods to improve patient care practices
  • Use of information technology

Interpersonal and Communication Skills: Demonstrates interpersonal and communication skills that enable them to establish and maintain professional relationships with patients, families, and other caregivers.

  • Relationship and responsiveness with patients and families
  • Relationship and responsiveness with hospital staff
  • Communicates clearly and effectively
  • Listening Skills
  • Verbal and written fluency in English

Please fill out the online nomination form and include your contact information or print off the optional hard copy nomination form (PDF) and submit by interoffice mail to Medical Staff Services. Medical Staff Services will share the information with the Extraordinary Doctor Award committee for consideration.