Athletic Programs

PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center offers the following athletic programs, designed to prepare and/or rehabilitate athletes for optimal performance.


The Functional Agility and Speed Training (F.A.S.T) clinic is designed to improve each athletic performance while minimizing the risk of injury in order to prepare for demands of competition. At the conclusion of the program the athlete will increase their speed, agility, muscular strength and posture through the use of movement based training.

F.A.S.T. Clinic will include:

  • Individualized evaluation from physical therapists and athletic trainers with expertise in sports medicine.
  • Professional and personalized assessment of their current running and jumping technique.
  • A comprehensive six-week training program, two days a week.
  • Flexibility, strength and agility tests.
  • Initial testing for baseline measures, and re-testing at the conclusion of the clinic.
  • An evaluation and assessment to determine strengths and areas of improvement.

F.A.S.T. Clinic Participants Must:

  • Be able to run for 30 minutes, pain free
  • Be 14 years old or older
  • Have medical clearance required for current injuries

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Jumping Clinic

The jumping clinic focuses on female athletes with ACL knee and lower extremity injuries. The six-week clinic is based in part on recent studies/clinical trials that demonstrate a much higher incidence of knee injuries among female athletes compared to men.

Women are at greater risk for severe injuries. These jumping training methods can significantly reduce the likelihood of injuries and re-injuries among female athletes. Studies show this type of training brings the risk of injury for women more in line with the risk that men experience.

  • Studies have shown that female athletes are four- to six-times more likely to be injured while participating in jumping and cutting sports than male athletes.
  • It's estimated that 1 in 10 female athletes will experience knee related, jumping injuries, or roughly 10,000 knee injuries in female athletes at the college level during any given year.
  • Differences between male and female hamstring and quadriceps muscle development and use may account for the additional risk.
  • The cost of treatment for these athletes is many millions of dollars each year. The cost of orthopedic care, including ACL reconstruction and rehabilitation for these athletes, is estimated at $17,000 per patient.
  • These costs don't include the traumatic effect of the injuries on the athlete, potential loss of entire seasons of sports participation, loss of scholarship funds, and ensuing effects on athletes' mental health and academic performance.
  • The jumping clinics incorporate flexibility, proper body mechanics, and weight training to increase muscle strength and decrease landing forces. Similar programs have proven to decrease potentially dangerous landing forces by decreasing improper alignment at the knee (adduction vs. abduction) and increasing hamstring muscle power.

Results have been dramatic in previous studies with a reduction of peak landing forces by as much as 22% and a corresponding increase in vertical jump height by approximately 10%, reducing the likelihood of new injuries and improving athletic performance.

In one high school study, untrained female athletes had an injury rate 3.6 times higher than the trained group and 4.8 times greater than the male control group. The trained group showed an injury incidence only 1.3 times higher than the male control group.

In some cases, physicians are requiring female athletes to complete this six-week jumping training course prior to signing off on their return to sports participation.

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Running Clinic

The Running Clinic is an evaluation program aimed at improving running form, technique, strength and flexibility through individualized assessment. Runners are evaluated by physical therapists and athletic trainers with expertise in sports medicine. Participants receive a thorough, professional and personalized assessment of their running.

The Running Clinic is a preventive screening service and does not offer treatment services.

Running Clinic participants receive a thorough evaluation and assessment to determine strengths, weaknesses and potential problem areas to address. Bring your running shoes to the clinic to have a shoe assessment from the professionals at Pace Setters Northwest.

The Running Clinic includes the following:

  • Video analysis and running form evaluation
  • Shoe evaluation
  • Flexibility assessment
  • Strength and stability tests
  • Summary/program results/referrals/exercise packet

Since the Running Clinic is an evaluation clinic and not a treatment program, participants should be:

  • Able to run 20 minutes pain free
  • 14 years of age or older
  • Injury free

Partial proceeds from the Running Clinic benefit PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center's Cornerstone Fund. The Cornerstone Fund provides assistance to individuals transitioning from PeaceHealth Southwest's Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit to a safe and functional home setting.

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Throwing Clinic

Includes video analysis of throwing mechanics, sport- and position-specific training and rehabilitation to improve throwing ability and return to sport provided by our sports medicine team.

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