Michael Morich, MD
Michael Morich, MD Lawrence Rose, MD Sandra Anderson, RN

Dr. Morich serves as Medical Director of the PeaceHealth Kearney Breast Center. He is a fellowship-trained breast imager who has been a member of the PeaceHealth Southwest Kearney Breast Center team since 2004.

Dr. Rose has provided health care services to women for more than 20 years, and is a former Medical Director for the PeaceHealth Southwest Kearney Breast Center.

Sandra Anderson, RN has devoted 30 years to the field of medicine, including the last ten years as a nurse navigator - guiding patients through their breast care journey from diagnosis through treatment and recovery.


  • Aimee R.T. (R) (M)
  • Amanda R.T. (R) (M) Supervisor
  • Bonnie R.T. (R) (M)
  • Connie R.T. (R) (M)
  • Crystal R.T. (R) (M)
  • Debbie R.T. (R) (M)
  • Lacey RDMS
  • Leslie R.T. (R) (M)
  • Linda R.T. (R) (M)
  • Kiki R.T. (R) (M)
  • Mari R.T. (R) (M)
  • Renee RDMS, RVT
  • Yvonne RDMS
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