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Success Stories

Joint Journey restores active lifestyle

Former runner and “gym rat” Cheryl Jones is completing her journey at PeaceHealth Southwest’s Bone and Joint Center. When she began, her right knee, bone-on-bone from years of arthritis and wear and tear, was in a brace.

Cheryl’s journey led her through a total knee replacement. Physical therapy helped bridge recovery from the hospital to home and beyond. “There was never a time when I was not just very happy with my care,” she said.

Today, Cheryl is active again, walking the track and riding stationary bikes at Firstenburg Community Center. “I wanted my knee back,” she said, “and I have it back now.” Cheryl is thrilled to have met her goals and be back in the gym. “The care from the minute you get into the process is just outstanding,” she said. “I had peace of mind from the day I walked into Joint Journey.”

Direct anterior approach helps patient feel great again

Pain forced retired teacher Jackie Beyea to avoid activities she loved, like walking her dog. “I really felt bad that these walks were getting shorter and shorter,” she said.

At 65, after years of pain, she decided it was time to feel great again. Jackie opted for a total hip replacement with Dr. Todd Borus and the Joint Journey Program at PeaceHealth Southwest. Thanks to the Direct Anterior Approach, Jackie experienced little pain, only used a walker for a week, and was able to do physical therapy on her own following her three-day hospital stay. “It was an excellent experience,” Jackie commented.

On her first day back home, Jackie was able to bend down to wipe her dog’s paws with “no particular pain.” She and her dog are both feeling great again as Jackie continues her Joint Journey.

Physical Therapy helps this patient journey back from knee surgery

Physical therapist John Wisti ended up on the other side of the elliptical this year. John “wore out” his knees playing sports – football, wrestling and rugby. In February, John opted for a bilateral total knee replacements at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center with Mark Colville, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at Rebound. “Rebound has many great surgeons for knee replacement but I selected Dr. Colville because I’ve known him for years. I respect his work and his professional manner,” said John.

Having worked as a physical therapist at PeaceHealth Southwest for nearly three decades, John relished working with respected co-workers in a new way. He did six weeks of outpatient therapy and pushed himself to get back on his feet fast. "Physical “Physical therapists encourage people to push themselves to a moderate level but not to an extreme,” said Wisti. “I went two to three times a week. My knees were painful, swollen and stiff but you just have to move them to get better.” John’s Joint Journey had him back at work, on his side of the elliptical, in just a few months.

A journey out of pain

Donna Gorski has experienced the pain of rheumatoid arthritis since she was 22, and until her right knee gave out during a recent vacation, she tolerated that pain as well.

In pursuing a solution, Donna connected with Alan Newman, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at Rebound Orthopedics and Neurosurgery. He recommended knee replacement. "I found Dr. Newman," she said, "and we became a team that very day."

Donna began the Joint Journey program at PeaceHealth Southwest to prepare for her surgery and recovery. With Joint Journey, Donna said she "knew exactly what to expect."

After her April surgery, she immediately began physical therapy at PHSW Physical Rehab Services. By the fall, Donna was back at the gym three days a week and easily climbing the 16 stairs in her house. "[Dr. Newman] cared enough about me to make sure I had all the information I needed to battle this thing," she said. Joint Journey was the right solution for Donna.

New option for younger, active patients with hip pain

An avid wind surfer, Matt at age 30 was unable to enjoy his active lifestyle. In fact, he thought his windsurfing days were behind him. Then he found Dr. Ed Sparling and learned about a new technology that affects much less bone than traditional hip replacement surgery. Using a metal-on-metal surface, this new innovation has helped Matt get relief and back into sports. "It's amazing to feel this way again," explains Matt.

Joint Journey gets doctor back on the trail

For the past eight years, Edward McAninch has been walking daily with the self-named Osprey Group. Then, last fall, the 86-year-old retired physician found himself limping and in pain. "I was not able to keep up with my walking group, and they were merciless," he says. "I asked my primary care physician for an x-ray.

When it showed bone-on-bone in my hip, I knew as a physician that replacement was the only option, so I contacted Dr. Edward Sparling at Rebound Orthopedics. He said, 'I'm ready when you're ready.' I made the deliberate choice, rather than wait until my muscles and cardiovascular system were deconditioned, to go ahead with the surgery sooner rather than later," he says.

McAninch was able to plan his joint journey around his busy schedule, accommodating the winter holidays, a road trip to visit family and other activities. Early in March, he had a left total hip replacement. By June, he was back driving without difficulty and walking about a mile each morning with the Osprey Group.

When he needs a little help, he uses trekking poles as his assistive device for two reasons: "One, they keep you erect and looking around, and two, they are pretty cool; people don't know if you need them or if you are just a hard-core hiker." McAninch took control of his own health and decided PeaceHealth Southwest's Joint Journey was just the ticket to get him back on the trail and enjoying his life again.


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