Meno-Pot, Muffin Top: What To Do About That Midlife Belly Roll

You and your friends may like to joke about having a "meno-pot," but privately you may feel like it's not very funny. Why is it so hard to lose weight around your bellies now?

Welcome to perimenopause! You are entering the two-to-eight year time period that signals the beginning of menopause. Aging and its associated changes, as well as fluctuating sex hormones, may affect midlife weight gain and abdominal fat.

You may want to discuss your physical and emotional changes with your healthcare provider. Having a good network of friends and families also is important.

Regular physical activity helps eliminate or minimize adding pounds during this time. Activities such as jogging, swimming, walking, cycling, dancing, and playing tennis boost your metabolism and help you efficiently burn calories. These aerobic activities also target the abdomen, where most women gain weight during midlife.

Invite your friends to join you. You can encourage each other's commitment to exercise — and a good belly laugh will help, too!