Menopause 101: Red Hot Mamas

Feeling red with hot flashes, blue with hormonal changes, or green with envy as other women seem to leap effortlessly into menopause? If so, you're a red hot mama!

If you've been busy taking care of everyone else in your life and haven't paid as much attention to your health as you should have, now is the time to change. Quarerly Red Hot Mama events provide education and support in a casual, social atmosphere.

Join us for as we help you take the mystery out of the physical and emotional changes of menopause by offering essential, up-to-date information. Make it a girls' night out!


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 2014 Events
 February 25
Hypertension: The Silent Killer

May 27
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

 Auguest 26
How-to Be a Savvy Patient

 November 18
Digestive Issues at Menopause 

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