Rose's story

Achondroplasia patient Rose Delgado

No small triumph

Rose Delgado is a little mom with big boys. Rose has achondroplasia, a disorder of bone growth that causes the most common type of dwarfism. When she became pregnant with her first son, Miguel, now aged six, she looked for a Vancouver obstetrician with the right kind of expertise. PeaceHealth Medical Group's Dr. Joy Wiens had helped care for a patient with achondroplasia during her residency and so became involved early in Rose's first pregnancy and guided her all the way through both of them.

Joy Wiens, MD, an OB/GYN physician from PeaceHealth Medical Group, has experience with achondroplasia. "Dr Wiens had this experience – that's why I chose her, and boy was that the right decision," said Rose.

Before Rose met with Dr. Wiens, she went in for genetics counseling at another facility. It was a negative experience for her. She was left with the feeling that if her child was born with achondroplasia, it would be considered a tragedy.

"Basically, they were saying, if the baby turned out like me, it would be terrible," said Rose. "So, at my first meeting with Dr. Wiens I was very apprehensive, but she was very reassuring, and wonderful to speak to. I got a good feeling right away."

Dr. Wiens conferred with other physicians, did some EKGs, and meticulously planned Miguel's birth. However, both boys were born early because of Rose's inability to breathe by the end of each pregnancy, which was due to her small frame. Miguel's lungs were premature, which landed him in neonatal intensive care. Fortunately, he was cared for in PeaceHealth Southwest’s NICU by neonatology physicians and neonatal nurse practitioners who are on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mateo's birth benefited from all learned during the first pregnancy three years earlier, and Dr. Wiens gave Rose a steroid injection to speed up the baby's lung maturity.

Rose also raves about the PeaceHealth Southwest nurses and staff, particularly the nurse anesthetists who had the tricky job of numbing Rose for the C-sections. Rose's spinal column is too small for her spinal cord, and she suffers significant curvature of the spine. The procedure was carried out impeccably both times, with no side effects or problems.

After Rose's first birth, she was beside herself with worry over her son, and the nurses and staff were kind, gentle and reassuring, helping her get rest and communicating throughout with her husband.

Today, Miguel is happy and healthy. And, so is little brother, Mateo, also delivered by Dr. Wiens.

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