Lenny's story

Back in the driver's seat

Racecar driver Lenny Frost took his life into his own hands. When he was feeling pain in his legs last year, he went into the PeaceHealth Southwest Heart & Vascular Center for a cardiac screening that revealed a severely weakened heart muscle. It turns out his legs were fine, but his life was still in jeopardy.

Shaun Harper, MD, cardiologist at PeaceHealth Southwest Heart & Vascular Center, called him that same day with the news — and a plan for Lenny’s future. He was able to be treated completely on an outpatient basis with a single dose of daily medications. Today, he is in the driver's seat again.

"So far, I am as happy as a guy could be. They took me from being the next one in line for an ambulance to being fixed up in less than a year just because I took a screening test."

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