Telestroke Services at Sacred Heart

Telestroke is the use of the latest communications technology to assess and improve stroke patients’ health status. Telestroke involves exchanging medical information from one site to another via video conferencing, transmission of still images and remote monitoring of vital signs.

Sacred Heart uses telestroke services between its two campuses in Eugene and Springfield. We are also in the process of establishing telestroke services between our Advanced Primary Stroke Center and other hospitals around the region.

Advantages of Telestroke Services

  • Time is Brain: rapid assessment of stroke signs and symptoms
  • Provides access to certified stroke center expertise around the clock
  • Supports decision-making at the remote location
  • Follows specific care guidelines to prevent complications
  • Improves how well patients function in recovery
  • Allows notification of emergency department staff about incoming stroke patients
  • Access to specifically-trained experts in the field of stroke assessment, treatment and prevention

For more information about Telestroke partnerships with Sacred Heart Medical Center, please contact Dan Reece, at (541) 686-3974. 

Telestroke Demonstration

The following video demonstrates how a telestroke consultation works. The patient and attending nurse appear on the main screen. The consulting Neurologist, working remotely from Sacred Heart Medical Center, is shown on the inset screen. Both parties can converse and view each other on their in-room monitors.