A Serious Threat

A Serious Threat

  • One in two women will eventually die of heart disease or stroke.
  • After age 50, women begin to develop and die of heart disease at a rate equal to that of men.
  • African-American women face a greater threat from heart disease than women of other races.
  • 38 percent of women who have heart attacks die within a year, compared to 25 percent of men.
  • 63 percent of women who died suddenly from coronary heart disease had no previous symptoms.
  • Traditional diagnostic tests, including the exercise stress test, are less accurate in women.

Heart disease kills 500,000 women each year. That's more than the next seven causes of death combined, including all forms of cancer. We know that 

Knowledge is a woman's best defense against heart disease. Every woman should know how to protect her heart, and we can help.

Listen to your heart, before it's too late.

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