Music for Rest and Renewal

"From the Deep Earth" and "Loom of Love" CDs

Sacred Heart Medical Center and Strings of Compassion have released two recordings, Loom of Love and From the Deep Earth.

The artists who created these songs are trained music-thanatologists from various hospitals, hospices and practices throughout the Pacific Northwest. With the use of harp and voice, the music-thanatologist offers music at the bedside of those nearing the end of life. This music eases physical, emotional and spiritual pain and creates an atmosphere of loving kindness, beauty and peace that supports the soul in transition.

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These recordings are produced by Strings of Compassion, the music-thanatology practice at Sacred Heart Medical Center and Hospice in Eugene, Oregon. Strings of Compassion was among the first music-thanatology programs in the country to fully integrate music-thanatology across the hospital-hospice continuum and remains a powerful voice for the healing effect of this work.

Your purchase of these recordings will directly benefit the work of these dedicated and compassionate caregivers who offer spiritual and emotional comfort to patients and their families at a time of great loss and change.