Sacred Heart Home Infusion Services

Home Infusion provides specialized services for patients' intravenous therapy needs in the home or outpatient setting. Patients may be referred to the service directly or upon discharge from the hospital. A highly trained nurse clinician and pharmacist work closely with the referring physician to ensure appropriate, high quality care.

Care Management

Each patient benefits from the individualized attention of a registered nurse clinician, who specializes in home infusion and works under the physician's direction. As the assigned care manager, this nurse oversees the patient's entire course of therapy.

The care manager notes all treatment given to the patient and coordinates other in-home medical services as needed. Proper management ensures optimum care and treatment. Nurses provide 24-hour standby support as well as scheduled home/outpatient visits.

Pharmacy Support

Home Infusion Pharmacy provides 24-hour support for home patients. 
Registered pharmacists, available for consultation with the patient or physician, compound the medications, monitor lab studies while the patient is undergoing treatment, and provide follow-up to the patient in the home. 
Product, supplies and equipment are delivered to the patient as scheduled and as needed.

Types of Therapies

  • Antibiotics
  • Antifungals/antivirals
  • Parenteral nutrition
  • Pain management
  • Anti-emetic
  • Hydration
  • Enteral nutrition
  • Specialty medications
  • Inotropic
  • Chemotherapy

Patient Training

Individualized patient and caregiver training is done in the home or outpatient setting to assure that therapy continues as ordered by the physician. A teaching packet is provided to the patient and family with specific instructions in the use of equipment and supplies. Telephone follow-up and home or outpatient visits provide necessary support to the patient and family. Ongoing assessment occurs throughout the course of therapy to ensure safe and effective treatment.

Nutrition Support

Patients receiving total parenteral nutrition (TPN) receive monitoring and evaluation support from a team of Home Infusion pharmacists and dietitians. This team specializes in helping patients adjust to alternative sources of nutrition and, when possible, to begin eating again.

Home Infusion is part of a family of home care services offered by PeaceHealth. Home Infusion can coordinate with Home Health and Hospice to provide smooth, seamless service to patients receiving their medical care at home.

Home Infusion Services
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