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Eileen Cotnam, Roseburg, Oregon

Aortic valve replacement

When Eileen Cotnam isn’t in her yard planting flowers and pulling weeds, she’s perfecting her golf swing at Roseburg’s Stewart Park Golf Course. At 72 years old, she feels great — and definitely wasn’t expecting to hear she needed an aortic valve replacement.

“I was really surprised when my doctor told me I needed surgery. Luckily, I knew exactly where I wanted to go for my procedure.”

With a sister-in-law who came to Sacred Heart Medical Center for her own surgery, Eileen didn’t have to think twice about going to RiverBend’s Oregon Heart & Vascular Institute.

“My sister-in-law raved about the hospital. I told my doctor I wanted to go where I knew I’d receive excellent care. Initially, he wanted to send me to Portland. By choosing to go to Sacred Heart, I was getting the hospital with the great reputation. I loved that it was close to my home so my family could come visit me.”

On Aug. 4, 2009, Eileen had her operation with Dr. David Duke. Just a few weeks later, she returned happily to the green — though she continues to rave about her stay.

“Everyone at RiverBend was helpful, kind and compassionate. I’m an advocate for them. I’ll be telling anyone who needs cardiovascular surgery to go to Sacred Heart!”

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