Avoid Tobacco

Exposure to tobacco in any form should be avoided entirely.


I’ve Smoked for More Than 30 Years, What Good Will it Do to Quit Now?

Quitting smoking now will increase your life expectancy. Your body will begin the healing process quickly. Within 20 minutes, blood pressure will drop to its normal rate; within 72 hours breathing will become easier; within one year the risk of heart attack is decreased by 50 percent!

I Tried to Quit Before. I’ve Used Patches, Gum & Hypnosis. Nothing Seems to Work. Any Other Ideas?

Nicotine patches, gum and hypnosis are only aids to help the transition to a tobacco-free lifestyle. Ultimately, success depends upon your commitment to lifestyle changes and your understanding of your smoking habit. Work to understand what situations trigger you to smoke, put a plan in place and commit yourself to it.

My Partner Smokes in Our Home. Is Second-Hand Smoke Really All That Bad?

Each year thousands of people die from second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke causes cancer, heart disease and increases the rates of childhood illnesses.

Will I Gain Weight When I Quit Smoking?

Most people who quit smoking gain about five to seven pounds. You can limit weight gain by exercising and making healthy food choices.

What Can I Do?

Take a stop smoking class at your local hospital or health education facility. Learn about strategies that really work. Ask for support from family and friends. Ask your doctor about using a nicotine patch. Start today — commit to a healthier lifestyle. It’s never too late to be tobacco free.