Sister Theodore Marie Society

Sister Theodore Marie Society

The Board of Directors of the Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation created the Sister Theodore Marie Society (STMS) in 1981. STMS honors those who have given very generously to Sacred Heart programs. STMS has three principle purposes:

  • To encourage the charitable gifts essential to compassionate, quality health care at Sacred Heart.
  • To recognize the generosity of donors whose compassion moves them to support outstanding medical care for our community.
  • To honor Sister Theodore Marie who initiated community philanthropic support to advance health care at Sacred Heart.

If you are already an STMS member, we thank you. If you would like information on joining the society, please contact the Foundation office. STMS members at an annual dinner event. From left, Starley Hodges, Frank Bucco and Cecil Hodges.

Benefits of STMS Membership

STMS members give because they care about the patients and the programs of Sacred Heart. In appreciation of their philanthropic spirit and foresight, members are provided benefits, including invitations to popular STMS events, parking privileges and use of the comfortable STMS room while family members are in the hospital.  Learn more about benefits.

STMS Charitable Giving

Financial gifts made by Society members may be designated to a variety of existing funds within the Sacred Heart Foundation. Cancer Care, Pediatrics, Cardiac and Vascular Care, Hospice and Neonatal Intensive Care are just a few of the programs whose vital work has received significant support from STMS donors. The contributions STMS members make through the Foundation enable clinicians to focus on healing rather than fundraising, and advance state-of-the-art medical care. 100 percent of these tax-deductible gifts are directed to health care in our community.

Honoring Sister Theodore Marie

Sister Theodore Marie, the Society’s namesake, guided Sacred Heart’s staff and programs for more than 40 years. When she arrived in Eugene in 1936, her order, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, had been serving Northwest residents’ medical needs since the 1880s.

Sister Theodore Marie’s dedication to ensuring compassionate, quality healthcare prompted her to begin the hospital’s tradition of partnering with the community. The partnership’s initial fundraising efforts enabled Sacred Heart to more than double the number of hospital beds during World War II, a time of scarce resources.

Sister Theodore Marie’s spirit of service encouraged the hospital and community to shape Sacred Heart into the outstanding regional medical center that exists today. Her legacy as a dynamic leader in advancing “better patient care through philanthropy” continues to inspire STMS in all that it does.

STMS Leadership

Clayton  and Debbie Walker, Foundation Board Members

“My grandparents were some of the original members of STMS, and there are many people in Eugene who are mentors to me that are part of STMS. When I look around and see people I respect donating their time, energy and dollars to the hospital, it’s thrilling for me to know that I’m part of this, too. There’s a great lecture series, and there are wonderful events. But the true benefit of membership is donating to a hospital that does so much for our community. Being part of STMS is a nice byproduct of what’s in my heart.” – Ryan Papé 


The mission of the Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) philanthropic organization, is to improve the health and lives of community members by providing charitable support to Sacred Heart Medical Center.

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