Faith Community Nurse/Parish Nurse Program

FCN 2015 Graduating Class, with Jeanne Brotherton (second from left) and Tessie Mandeville (on the right), instructors

Health Ministries Network

Program Overview

The Health Ministries Network is supported by the Spiritual Care Department, extending the continuum of healing and compassionate care into the local community.  Faith Community Nurses and Health Ministers incorporate the health needs of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

HMN has trained almost 200 faith community nurses and health ministers through a Faith Community Nurse Preparatory Course usually held one time per year at St. Joseph Medical Center. FCN's and HM's receive regular networking and educational opportunities, monthly newletters and resource support thorugh St. Joseph Medical Center.

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If you are considering sharing your skills with your faith community as an FCN or HM, you can find more information about the class here:   2016 FCN Preparation Course Application and Information

If you would like to learn more about this program, please visit the website:

Or contact:
Chris Lindberg, Administrative Assistant, 360-788-6408