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Faith Community Nurse/Parish Nurse Program

FCN 2015 Graduating Class, with Jeanne Brotherton (second from left) and Tessie Mandeville (on the right), instructors

Health Ministries Network

Faith Community Nursing / Parish Nurses / Health Ministers

Program Overview

Health Ministries Network, based in Bellingham, WA, is a non-profit, independent community organization consisting of faith community nurses, parish nurses and health ministers who incorporate the health needs of the Body, Mind and Spirit. HMN provides regular networking and educational opportunities, ministering in more than 90 individual faith communities and partners with more than 21 community organizations. 

HMN has trained almost 200 faith community nurses and health ministers through a Faith Community Nurse Preparatory Course, initiated by the Westberg Institute. 

PH St. Joseph Medical Center is a strong advocate of this organization and has been from its beginning, providing financial stability and resources. PH SJMC supported HMN in becoming independent with a community outreach grant. We look forward to continuing to support this unique organization in the years ahead.   Learn more

To contact an FCN, HM or PN; learn more about HMN or faith community nursing; or considering sharing your skills with your faith community and are interested in the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Preparations course, you can find more information here: