Acute Care for Elders (ACE)

Sacred Heart Medical Center, University District in Eugene offers specialty hospital care for our older, more vulnerable patient population. This specialty care helps seniors quickly recover from acute illness and get back to normal living routines. Specialty care for seniors works because we’ve assembled a dedicated team, with expertise in multiple fields, to provide these services.

Our nationally recognized Gerontology Institute provides evidence-based care to seniors with acute medical (non-surgical) needs.

Patient and Family-Centered Care

Our team is specially trained in the care of geriatric patients. Training includes sensitivity to issues that commonly affect seniors and communication skills with seniors, particularly those who have communication impairments.

Team Care Planning With the Goal of Returning Patients Home

The care team meets every morning to review each patient’s care plan. The team consults with a board-certified geriatrician. Acute medical care is provided by a team of specialists, including a Geriatrician, a geriatric-trained Hospitalist (a provider who sees patients only inside the hospital) and Nurse Practitioner. The rest of the team comprises your primary care provider, a physical therapist, occupational therapist, pharmacist, psychologist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, registered dietitian, chaplain, care manager, and social worker.

Proven Geriatric Care Principles

We use these principles to monitor the daily functional needs of each patient. The team rigorously follows care principles, including:

  • Admissions assessment, which includes upfront discharge planning
  • Emotional, nutritional and memory assessments
  • Mobility assessment to determine the need for assistance and to create the rehabilitation plan
  • Medications review to ensure proper dose and avoid complications

Who is ideally suited for this care?

Adults age 70 and older and at risk of losing the ability to care for themselves are ideally suited for specialty care at the University District campus. Adults who meet the criteria for admission, and who do not need a surgical procedure, may be directly admitted to Sacred Heart Medical Center, University District by their primary care physician.

Watch our ACE TV spot

Watch our ACE TV spot