What to Expect

First Visit

During your first visit, you and your therapist will discuss your past history and what you want to accomplish. Your therapist will perform an evaluation to determine what you're able to do and observe how you do it. Strength, flexibility and pain issues are also assessed. These are then incorporated to design a unique care plan for each patient. 

Techniques Used

Therapists use a variety of techniques during therapy, such as specialized exercises, functional activities, soft tissue and joint mobilization, and modalities such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound, as needed, to help patients regain or improve movement and strength. 

Pain Management

Some patients have concerns about pain when starting therapy. You are encouraged to discuss this with your therapist. While there are some cases where therapy can temporarily increase pain, for the most part we focus on reducing pain and increasing function. Our therapists work very closely with patients on this issue. They also help patients with strategies to avoid the risk of further injury. Our primary goal is to help patients return to doing things on their own and leading healthy, active lives. ​​