Amputee Rehabilitation

The Oregon Rehabilitation Center offers the resources necessary to help patients achieve a more independent and productive life. The amputee program is an inpatient rehabilitation stay emphasizing education and skill-building that provides for a safe discharge to the community.

Program Objectives

The patient's personal recovery goals are identified and an individualized treatment plan is developed. The rehabilitation process is based upon a coordinated team approach with the patient and family as active members. Measurable goals will be generated in the following areas:

  • Prosthetic evaluation and fit
  • Medical management and preparation of the affected limb for weight-bearing
  • Mobility training with and without prosthesis
  • Increasing independence and safety in daily living skills
  • Range of motion and prevention of contractures
  • Improved muscle strength and endurance
  • Equipment and home accessibility evaluations
  • Supportive counseling as needed

Amputation Patient Outcomes for Fiscal Year 2018

Number Served 2
​   Average Age ​69
​   Age Range 59 to 79
Male/Female Ratio
​   Male ​50%
​   Female ​50%
Average Length of Stay, Days ​20.0
Discharged to:
​   Home Setting (Percent) ​2 (100%)
​   Long Term Care -
​   Sub-Acute & Rehab -
​   Acute ​-