Sacred Heart, University District, to welcome new neighbors

The second wave of the big move from PeaceHealth Medical Group's Dowtown clinic to the newly remodeled and renamed PeaceHealth Medical Group University District is coming in November.

Pediatrics, Dermatology and Ophthalmology & Optometry open to patients in their new digs, at 1200 Hilyard St., on Monday, Nov. 7. Internal Medicine, Anticoagulation and Women's Health already settled in last month.

Family Medicine will open at the new offices on Nov. 21; Behavioral Health will be the last to go, opening on Dec. 19. The Downtown clinic, at 1162 Willamette St., may be —will move sometime in December.

All told, the move will bring some 50 providers and 150 support staff to the UD campus, along with an estimated 500 patients per day.

"We are extremely excited to move into a beautiful remodeled facility that will delight our patients, our providers and our staff," said Kathi Levell, PHMG’s Executive Director for Planning.

The affected departments will deliver patient care with no more than a single day’s interruption.

Clinic employees are excited about their new neighborhood, said Colleen Csakany, Clinical Operations Manager for Internal Medicine and Anti-Coagulation.

"They can go for walks on the university campus, there’s more selection to go out to lunch," she said. "They like the idea of being closer to some friends who work at University District."

Work began last January on the $8.8 million remodel of 100,000 square feet of medical office space, and the project is on budget and ahead of schedule. The relocated departments join other PHMG specialty services already located in the same medical clinic at University District, including Audiology and Ear, Nose and Throat.

PeaceHealth is exploring possible sale or other disposition options for the aging Downtown clinic, at 1162 Willamette St.

The move of PHMG providers and staff is the latest addition to the UD campus. In January 2011, 200 employees from Sacred Heart’s Home Care Services moved from their previous location at Gilbert Shopping Center at 1121 Fairfield Ave. to Physicians & Surgeons—North. The biggest project is still to come, with plans calling for the demolition of four of the hospital’s older wings, which will be torn down to make way for a new, 95,310-square-foot hospital building. Those plans have been delayed by a few months due to uncertainties over project financing. 

Below is a quick summary of new and current department locations at PHMG, University District. For a more detailed description of where providers are moving, click here.

  • Audiology, Suite 620
  • Ear, Nose & Throat, Suite 620
  • Orthopedic, Sports & Spine Therapy, Suite 610
  • Women's Health, Suite 510 (opening Oct. 10)
  • Internal Medicine, Suite 520A (opening Oct. 10)
  • Anticoagulation, Suite 520B (opening Oct. 10)
  • Diabetes, Endocrine & Metabolism Services, Suite 550
  • The Travel Clinic, Suite 560
  • Behavioral Health Services, Suite 420 (moving in December, date to be determined)
  • Dermatology, Suite 450 (opening Nov. 7)
  • Pediatrics, Suite 440 (opening Nov. 7)
  • Oregon Imaging Centers, Suite 330
  • Family Medicine, Suite 230 (opening Nov. 21)
  • Ophthalmology & Optometry, Suite 110 (opening Nov. 7)
  • Optical Shop, Suite 120 (opening Nov. 7)
  • PeaceHealth Laboratories, Suite 140 (opening Oct. 10)