Palliative Care

When the course of treatment of a loved one begins to address end of life care, the emotional impact can be tough on loved ones. Palliative Care at Sacred Heart Medical Center recognizes the power of these situations, and we address the physical, emotional, spiritual and practical needs of the dying patient and his or her family. Palliative Care steps in when a patient’s course of care shifts from finding a cure to relieving pain, easing symptoms and maximizing comfort. It is hospice care in a hospital setting, provided by a caring team of professionals including a palliative care nurse specialist, a medical social worker and a hospital chaplain. Our Palliative Care team helps ensure that dying patients have a greater opportunity to connect with loved ones and fulfill their final wishes.

Our Palliative Care Team

  • Recognizes the patient’s right to participate in decisions and maintain as much control as possible.
  • Collaborates with physicians and specially trained pharmacists to maximize pain management.
  • Provides counseling and emotional support to the patient and his or her loved ones.
  • Helps loved ones say good-bye in a memorable and meaningful way while honoring the patient’s individual values and beliefs.
  • Offers Continuation Quilts for extra personal comfort for patients and families.
  • Collaborates with Spiritual Care to provide therapeutic harp music at the patient’s bedside through Strings of Compassion.

Giving Back To Palliative Care

Spiritual Care, as well as other departments in the Sacred Heart Medical Centers, accept volunteers. Learn more about donating your time to this program or other areas within PeaceHealth.

There is no cost to patients for Palliative Care services. Donations allow us to continue our mission of providing for the needs of the dying. Read more about how to donate to Palliative Care.

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