Breast Cancer Surgery

Combining Surgery & Breast Reconstruction

Combining the surgical removal of the breast with breast reconstruction achieves a better cosmetic outcome for patients. The one-stage immediate breast reconstruction is done at the same time as mastectomy.

After the general surgeon removes the breast tissue, a plastic surgeon places a breast implant. The implant may be put in the space created when the breast tissue was removed or behind the chest muscles to form the breast contour.

Surgeons also offer free flap breast reconstruction and other forms of reconstructive plastic surgery.

Breast Biopsy

Used as part of the screening process for breast cancer, a breast biopsy removes a piece of breast tissue to check for cancer.  It is often performed after a lump has been found or after the results of an MRI, mammogram or ultrasound.

A variety of methods are used, including core needle biopsy, fine-needle aspiration biopsy, open biopsy, stereotactic biopsy and vacuum-assisted core biopsy.


Mastectomies remove the entire breast as opposed to lumpectomies, which remove a portion of the breast. Breast reconstruction surgery is available to patients during the same surgery.