Sleep Disorders Center


If you're not sleeping well, you're probably not feeling well. Significant sleep disorders affect about one out of four people. Until recently, these problems were either considered psychological in origin or were ignored.

We use an objective and systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment of sleep-wake disorders. The Sacred Heart Medical Center Sleep Disorders Center is clinically oriented, emphasizing treatment of patients affected by sleep disorders, not experimental research.

Treatment and Management of Sleep Disorders

The Sleep Disorders staff reviews each case in detail to arrive at an optimal plan for further evaluation and/or management of the patient. The correct treatment can be undertaken only after the real medical condition has been accurately diagnosed.

The primary care physician will receive a full account of the patient’s diagnosis and the recommended plan of management. Generally, the Sleep Disorders Center manages the long-term care of the patient’s sleep disorder.

Referral Procedure

You may call and schedule a consultation or your treating physician can make an appointment for you. You may also request a sleep questionnaire that could help your primary care physician in the referral process.


Diagnostic testing and treatment for the majority of sleep disorders is covered by insurance. After consultation, we will obtain necessary insurance pre-authorization prior to beginning diagnostic or treatment procedures.

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