Pediatric Respiratory Team at Sacred Heart

Many different things can cause children to have trouble breathing. They include:

Meet the Team

Pediatric patients with breathing difficulties are treated by members of Sacred Heart’s Pediatrics Respiratory Team. They include:

  • Registered respiratory therapists trained in pediatric care
  • Board-certified neonatal/pediatrics specialists. These specialty RTs work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as well as in Pediatrics to help infants and children of all ages with respiratory difficulties.
  •  Asthma educator

Helping Children Breathe Well

Respiratory therapists use a variety of techniques to improve children’s breathing. Breathing treatments such as nebulizers, metered-dose inhalers and incentive spirometry are used to open children’s airways. Flutter devices and therapists are also sometimes used to help loosen mucous secretions from the lungs.

Before a child leaves the hospital, our respiratory therapists will educate the patient and family about breathing treatments and devices that will be sent home with the child. Patients with asthma are taught ways to manage their asthma at home. 

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