Pediatric Dietitians

It’s not always easy to eat right when you’re sick. Certain acute or chronic conditions can make it hard for a child to maintain a healthy weight and get proper nutrition. And children of different ages have very different diets and different dietary needs.

Every patient admitted to the Pediatric and Adolescent Care Unit is screened for nutrition risk by one of our dietitians. Some children are eating well and do not need further help. For others, a dietitian will develop a care plan to ensure that the infant, child or teenager is getting the nourishment he or she needs.

  • Babies may have trouble eating or gaining weight, and parents may need help finding different feeding strategies or richer foods.
  • Eating disorders in adolescents require nutrition intervention strategies to achieve healthy goals.
  • Food allergies may limit the types of foods a child can eat. Some changes in diet may affect the whole family.
  • Injuries, such as a broken jaw, temporarily affect how and what a child can eat.
  • Tube feeding may be necessary in certain cases to maintain proper nutrition.
  • Young children are often “picky eaters.” Illness can further limit the foods they will accept.