Pediatric Diabetic Counseling and Education

Diabetes is a serious illness, and finding out your child has diabetes can be frightening. But children with diabetes can live long, happy lives. Good management of the disease is the key. Our certified diabetes educators will help you and your child learn how to live well with diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes

A condition in which your child’s pancreas no longer produces the insulin he or she needs to survive. It used to be called juvenile diabetes, because it is usually found in children and young adults. Learn more about type 1 diabetes in children.

Children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes will get help from our certified diabetes educators. Diabetes educators can provide handouts written for different ages. Children will learn how to check blood sugar levels, administer insulin and keep good records. They will learn what to do if blood sugars are too high or too low. And they will learn how to deal with “sick days,” to make sure a case of the flu doesn’t disrupt good diabetes management. Children living with diabetes will get a “refresher course” to help them get back on track with managing their disease.

Type 2 Diabetes

A chronic condition that affects the way your child’s body uses sugar (glucose) for energy. Type 2 diabetes is more commonly found among adults, but more and more children are getting the disease. Learn more about type 2 diabetes in children.

Children diagnosed with type 2 diabetes will learn how different kinds of foods affect their body and how to manage diabetes with healthy eating. They will learn how exercise and weight control can help them manage their disease. They will also learn about insulin or other medications prescribed for them. Over time, as your child’s control of blood sugars improves, he or she may be able to manage diabetes with oral medications or even just diet and exercise.