Patient Education

If you and your surgeon decide you are a candidate for hip or knee replacement surgery, you have taken the first step in your journey. We urge you to learn all you can in advance about the procedure you are about to have. Understanding what to expect will help reduce your stress, which in turn can reduce discomfort. You are the center of your care team; take an active role.

Patient education guide books: Your surgeon will give you a patient education guide when you are scheduled for hip or knee replacement surgery. Your are welcome to preview or download the guide using the links below.  The guide books were prepared by the people involved in your care: surgeons, nurses and therapists. The books outline the steps leading up to and following surgery. They explain what you need to do to get ready.

Download our joint replacement patient education guide books:

DVD: Inside your patient handbook you will find an educational DVD. Watch it with someone who will be helping care for you after surgery. It covers much of the information in the handbook and more.

Pre-Operative Hip and Knee Replacement classes: These classes are offered every Tuesday and Wednesday at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend on the sixth floor. We urge you to attend this one-hour class three to four weeks before your surgery is scheduled. Bring a friend or family member who will be assisting you after surgery. The class covers:

  • How to prepare for surgery and what to bring to the hospital
  • Daily activities in the hospital
  • What to expect when you arrive in your hospital room after surgery
  • How to prepare for discharge from the hospital
  • Home discharge expectations

Sign up for your pre-operative hip and knee replacement class today!  We offer two options for you: