Inpatient Therapy


As you recover at Sacred Heart from surgery or illness, you may need inpatient therapy. Therapy can help you rebuild your strength, regain mobility and self-care skills, and return to normal life.

The sooner you begin therapy, the faster you will recover. Often, therapy begins at the bedside just hours after surgery.

Our staff of inpatient therapists will work with you as needed throughout your hospital stay.

Our team includes:

  • Physical therapists. PTs help you build strength and improve your balance, coordination, flexibility and mobility. Their goal is to help you become more independent. Our team of 25 physical therapists has an average of 16 years of experience.

  • Occupational therapists. OTs help patients perform tasks of daily living, such as eating, dressing, bathing, using the toilet, and basic housework. They may teach you how to use adaptive equipment that can also help you become more independent. OTs also work with patients to improve cognitive skills. 

  • Speech and language pathologists. Speech therapists help patients who are having trouble speaking, communicating, processing information or swallowing.

At Sacred Heart at RiverBend, you may receive therapy in our Inpatient Therapy Gym, located on the hospital’s sixth floor between the Neurology and Orthopedic units. This bright, sunlit gym opens onto a rooftop garden and patio, where you can enjoy the outdoors. The gym is equipped with advanced technology and innovative tools to help you improve mobility and function, including:

  • A computerized balance training system
  • A computerized gait-training treadmill system
  • An “unweighing” system to keep patients safe while they re-learn walking
  • A fully equipped training kitchen
  • A training bathroom with bathtub

Therapists will also help you prepare to leave the hospital. They will assess whether you will need special equipment when you go home, such as crutches, walker, commode, wheelchair or other adaptive devices. They will make recommendations for continued therapy as necessary. Continued therapy may be in an outpatient clinic of your choice, in your own home by Home Health therapists, in an inpatient rehab setting, or in a skilled care facility. Click for details about Sacred Heart’s Outpatient Therapy Services.