Surgical Treatment of Peripheral Venous Disease

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In rare cases, a surgical technique called vein stripping is used to remove the diseased part of the vein.

Vein stripping is generally done on large varicose veins and requires that you be placed under a general anesthesia during surgery. The surgeon will make incisions at your groin (the top of the vein) and near your ankle (the bottom of the vein). Then the surgeon will insert a thin, flexible instrument into the vein and strip it from the inside. Stripping removes the diseased part of the vein. The vein may be stripped or removed entirely.

Vein stripping has the same risks as any other general surgery: the possibility of infection, bleeding, and reaction to anesthesia. But overall, vein stripping is a proven and safe surgical procedure.

Even the loss of a few veins is no problem for most people: When veins are surgically removed, remaining veins deeper in the body adapt by stretching so they can hold larger volumes of blood. The normal flow of blood continues.

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