Cardiovascular Wellness and Rehabilitation

Cardiovascular rehabilitation is a comprehensive exercise, education and support program for those recovering from and living with heart disease. Our team of clinical exercise specialists show you how you can successfully manage a heart-healthy lifestyle. All you need to participate is your doctor’s referral. Many of our patients participate in our program when coping with:

  • Myocardial infarction (heart attack)
  • Angioplasty or stenting of coronary arteries
  • Recovery from heart surgery (bypass, valve replacement)
  • Management of angina (chest pain)
  • Management of ongoing heart disease or dysfunction (congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia)

Cardiovascular rehabilitation progresses in three phases:

  • Inpatient (Phase I) occurs while you are still in the hospital and consists of daily monitored activity sessions and preparation for discharge.
  • Outpatient (Phase II) is a program of weekly exercise sessions and educational seminars.
  • Ongoing (Phase III) is a supervised exercise program for those who want to continue supervised exercise training
  • Ongoing support is available for graduates of cardiac rehab.

Our Phase II outpatient program includes exercise sessions, educational seminars, dietary consultation, tobacco cessation counseling, and support. The typical duration of the outpatient program is 8 to 12 weeks; however, we will individualize your program to meet your needs and goals. Throughout your time in the program we invite family members and loved ones to be involved in your recovery and attend our weekly sessions.

Most health plans cover outpatient cardiac rehabilitation (Phase II). We will preauthorize your participation prior to your first visit. Together, we can help you find the path to good health.

Oregon Heart & Vascular Institute Cardiovascular Wellness and Rehabilitation

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