Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are medical research studies using human volunteers. They are controlled by strict safety rules, which include guidelines on who may participate. Clinical trials at the Stroke Center are overseen by PeaceHealth's Institutional Review Board.

Clinical trials help test medical devices, medications and procedures that hold promise for preventing, detecting and treating health problems.

Two clinical trials are currently under way at the Stroke Center:

  • Closure 1 Trial – This trial is for patients who have had a stroke or ministroke in the past three months that could be related to a small hole in the heart, which they were born with. The trial is testing whether closing up the hole with a safe, easy operation or taking blood-thinning medicines is the better way to prevent a second stroke.
  • Alias Trial – This trial is for patients who are being treated within five hours of having a stroke. The trial is testing whether an extra dose of serum albumin can help reduce the effects of a stroke. Serum albumin is a natural protein made in the liver that helps purify the blood and keep the blood from leaking out of blood vessels.