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Pregnancy and Parenting Education and Tours

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Free Tours

Free tours of the hospital Labor & Delivery and Mother/Baby units are available weekly.  Some are followed by an Introduction to Breastfeeding class that is also free.  Tours are recommended for those who 28 weeks or greater.

Childbirth Classes

Childbirth classes are available in English and Spanish. Childbirth classes are recommended for those who are 28 weeks or greater.  You may register early to get the date of your choice. 

A new baby care class will be offered starting in September.

Build your confidence as a mother and father in caring for your baby. Learn about the fascinating abilities and behavior patterns of newborns, and ways to meet their physical and emotional needs. Address feeding and sleep issues, become skilled at soothing and calming techniques, and "practice" bathing, diapering and dressing your baby.  Baby safety topics such as car seat use and safe sleep will be discussed.

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If you have questions, please leave a message at (541) 222-7074. Calls will be returned within 24 to 48 hours.

Community Resources

Additional childbirth, breastfeeding and newborn classes are available in the community.