Planning Ahead for Your Birth

A little preparation before your baby is due will help keep you and your baby healthy. It will also help you have the birth experience you want.

2nd month
(eight weeks from your last menstrual period)

  • Choose an obstetrician or midwife and make an appointment for your first prenatal visit. Begin visiting our Special Delivery pages for month-by-month information about your pregnancy.


4th month
Sign up for pregnancy or parenting classes. Plan to take classes around your 32nd week of pregnancy. Click for details.

5th month
Take a guided tour of our birthing facilities. We look forward to showing you our private labor and delivery suites and other facilities on the fifth floor of Sacred Heart at RiverBend. Click for details.

7th month

  • Congratulations, your baby is almost here! Our pre-admission program is designed to ensure that your admission is processed smoothly. To avoid delays during your admission, we encourage you to pre-register by calling our Pre-admission Office at (541) 686-7166 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Out of town patients may call toll free at (800) 288-7444.

  • Fill out your Birth Plan. Think ahead about what kind of birth experience you want. You may want to download and read Birthing Options at Sacred Heart. Then download the Birth Plan Worksheet to help you complete the Birth Plan document. Take it with you on your next visit with your doctor or midwife and review your plans. Bring it with you when you come to the hospital to give birth.

On Your Birth Day

Where to Park

Expectant parents may park directly under Sacred Heart (Garage H). From here, take the elevator to the main lobby reception desk. The main lobby is open every day, around the clock. (If Garage H is full, park in Garage S, or Surgery Parking, and follow signs to the main lobby.) Laboring women may be driven to the main hospital entrance for immediate attention. Staff at the reception desk will call for an escort to take you to Women’s & Children’s Services on the fifth floor.

Visitors may park in Surgery Parking (Garage S) and follow signs to the main lobby.

Parking is free in all garages.

This custom map  provides parking and location details for Women’s and Children’s Services patients.