General Information

Billing (Hospital Patient Financial Services)541-686-7191
Billing (Hospital Patient Financial Services) (toll free)800-873-8253
General Information/Patient Locator541-222-7300
General Information/Patient Locator (toll free)800-288-7444
Lost & Found541-222-1160
Medical Records (Sacred Heart)541-686-6841
Parking Information541-686-6866
Pre-Registration (toll free)866-907-6329

Departments and Centers

Anesthesia Clinic541-222-7121
Bariatrics, Oregon Bariatric Center541-222-2700
Cardiovascular Wellness (OHVI)541-222-7216
Cath Prep and Recovery (OHVI)541-222-5300
Clinical Decision Unit541-222-1432
Emergency Department - Level II Trauma541-222-6931
Facilities Management541-686-6866
Heart & Vascular Reception (OHVI)541-222-7218
Home Health541-461-7500
Home Infusion541-461-7650
Hospice of Sacred Heart541-461-7550
Hyperbaric Center541-222-4500
Imaging (Sacred Heart Hospital, RiverBend)541-222-1700
Inpatient Therapy541-222-5430
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) North541-222-3506
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) South541-222-3551
Know Your Numbers (OHVI)541-222-6376
Labor & Delivery541-222-3900
Mother/Baby Postpartum Care541-222-6909
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)541-222-5100
Nuclear Medicine (OHVI)541-222-7010
Nurse Midwifery Birth Center541-222-7750
Outpatient Therapy541-222-6360
Patient Rooms, Heart & Vascular (OHVI) (4th floor)541-222-6300
Patient Rooms, Heart & Vascular (OHVI) (5th floor)541-222-3800
Patient Rooms, Medical (8th floor)541-222-5500
Patient Rooms, Medical Oncology (7th floor) North541-222-5400
Patient Rooms, Neurology/Neurosurgery (6th floor)541-222-7175
Patient Rooms, Orthopedics (6th floor)541-222-5200
Patient Rooms, Surgical (7th floor) South541-222-5410
Pediatric & Adolescent Care Unit (8th floor)541-222-5600
Pulmonary Rehabilitation (OHVI)541-222-7442
Robotic-Assisted Surgery877-291-2362
Sleep Disorders Center541-222-2402
Surgery Waiting541-222-3212
Urgent Care541-222-6005
Weight Management Program (OHVI)541-222-3835
Wound & Ostomy541-222-2560

Support Services

Café Yumm541-736-YUMM
Crema Coffee Shop (NSC Building)541-868-9300
Financial Services (Hospital Billing)800-873-8253
Foundation, Sacred Heart Medical Center541-686-6958
Gift Shop541-222-1340
Grievance Line541-222-2495
Human Resources541-222-2500
Imaging - Breast and MRI Center, Northwest Specialty Clinics541-687-7134
Imaging - Oregon Imaging Centers, Barger541-687-7134
Imaging - Oregon Imaging Centers, RiverBend Pavilion541-334-7555
Interpreter Services541-222-2065
Library Services541-222-2280
Lodging, Guest House541-685-1970
Medical Social Work541-222-2440
Medical Staff Office541-222-2300
PeaceHealth Laboratories - General Information541-687-2134
PeaceHealth Laboratories - RiverBend Pavilion541-222-8203
PeaceHealth Laboratories - South Eugene541-349-7122
PeaceHealth Laboratories - University District458-205-6084
Pharmacy - Walgreens, RiverBend Pavilion541-736-9895
Physician Search, PeaceHealth Medical Group (PHMG)541-743-4600
Poison Control800-222-1222
Spiritual Care541-222-2245
Volunteer Services541-222-2200
Volunteers in Medicine541-685-1800
Walgreens Pharmacy - RiverBend Pavilion541-736-9895
Willamette Valley Cancer Institute & Research Center541-741-3451

PeaceHealth Medical Group Clinics

Anticoagulation Clinic458-205-6385
Barger Medical Building541-242-8494
Behavioral Health - Barger541-242-8400
Behavioral Health - Downtown541-685-1794
Diabetes, Endocrine & Metabolism Services458-205-6543
Ear, Nose & Throat458-205-6500
Endoscopy Center541-222-6155
Family Medicine - Santa Clara541-222-7650
Family Medicine - South Eugene541-342-3338
Family Medicine After Hours Clinic458-205-6011
Family Practice - Barger541-687-6353
Family Practice - University District458-205-6010
General Surgery541-222-6100
Geriatrics - Barger541-242-8300
Gerontology Institute541-687-6234
Infectious Disease541-222-2790
Internal Medicine - Barger541-687-6349
Internal Medicine - Santa Clara541-222-7600
Internal Medicine - South Eugene541-984-4611
Internal Medicine - University District458-205-6041
Junction City Clinic541-988-6314
Junction City Clinic541-988-6314
Medical Records (PeaceHealth Medical Group)541-687-6101
Nurse Midwifery Birth Center541-222-7750
Ophthalmology and Optometry458-205-6257
Optical Shop458-205-6166
Oregon Bariatric Center541-222-2700
Orthopedic Surgery541-222-6245
Outpatient Therapy, RiverBend Pavilion541-222-6360
Pediatric Surgery541-222-6135
Pediatrics - Barger541-242-8500
Pediatrics - RiverBend Pavilion541-222-8500
Pediatrics - University District458-205-6061
Pharmacy - Walgreens, RiverBend Pavilion541-736-9895
Physical Therapy - Barger541-242-8410
Physicians - Find a New Provider Referral line541-743-4600
RiverBend Pavilion Information541-222-6545
Senior Health and Wellness Center541-242-8300
Urgent Care- RiverBend Pavilion541-222-6005
Urgent Care- West 11th541-222-7200
Women's Health458-205-6074