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ICU Questions

When can I call or visit?

The ICU does not have official visiting hours. Instead, visiting hours are flexible and sometimes change to best meet the patient’s needs. We ask that family members not visit or call between the hours of 7 and 8, in both the morning and evening. Our nurses work 12-hour shifts, and this is when they change shifts.

When you come to visit, please check in first with our volunteer in the waiting room. The volunteer will then check with the nurse to make sure it is an appropriate time for a visit. If there is no volunteer on duty, please use the phone provided in the waiting room.

  • Please keep in mind the privacy of others when moving through the unit.
  • Only two visitors at a time, please.
  • Children visiting the ICU require special consideration and preparation Please speak with the nurse if you wish for a child to visit.

Whom do I ask for information?

Our volunteers are here to serve you. You will recognize them in their green shirts or smocks. If you have questions about lodging, food, parking or other concerns, please ask them.

How can I help my loved one in the ICU?

Your mere presence is welcome and reassuring. Softly touching, grooming and speaking to your loved one is encouraged.

May I bring flowers?

Live flowers and plants are not permitted in the ICU. Please ask that family and friends wait until the patient has left the ICU before sending flowers.

Where can the family gather?

Both the surgical and medical ICU family lounges provide a large public area for families to gather. You will find pay phones, coffee and restrooms there. Be aware that many families share this space. Additional family and friends may wait in the main hospital lobby (first floor) or in the RiverView Cafe (second floor).

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