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Meet the Sacred Heart Cancer Care Team

Our team approach to cancer begins with diagnosis and continues through follow-up care. You will be cared for by a team of experts working together. They include the physicians, nurses and others who will be providing hands-on care. But even more experts will be helping you behind the scenes, collaborating with your physicians to recommend the best treatment for you.

Among the specialists who may be involved in your care are these:

  • Oncologist: A doctor who specializes in the care of people with cancer.
  • Medical oncologist: An expert in using anti-cancer medications (chemotherapy) to treat cancer.
  • Radiation oncologist: An expert in using radiation therapy to treat cancer.
  • Pathologist: A doctor who diagnoses medical problems by examining organ and tissue samples (taken during a biopsy) under a microscope.
  • Radiologist: A doctor who specializes in reading and interpreting imaging studies such as x-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, PET scans and ultrasound. Some radiologists also specialize in diagnosing particular types of cancer.
  • Interventional radiologist: A radiologist who specializes in performing minimally invasive procedures using image guidance. Some of these procedures are for diagnosis and others are for treatment.
  • Physician specialist: A surgeon or other doctor who specializes in treating disease in certain body systems. Some specialize in treating cancer. For example:
  • Pulmonologist (lungs)
  • Gastroenterologist (digestive tract)
  • Neurosurgeon (brain)
  • Thoracic surgeon (lungs and esophagus)
  • Gynecologic oncologist (cancer in women’s reproductive organs)
  • Musculoskeletal oncologist (cancer in bones)
  • Medical physicist: A specialist in planning radiation treatments and operating advanced radiation equipment.
  • Pharmacist: Our team includes a licensed pharmacist specially trained to support cancer patients and oversee medication safety and management during treatment.
  • Oncology nurse: A registered nurse trained in the care and treatment of patients with cancer.
  • RN Care Manager: A registered nurse who helps coordinate treatments and helps patients and families get the resources they need.
  • Dietitian: A nutrition expert who helps patients plan their diet during cancer treatment.
  • Medical social worker: A mental health professional trained to talk with cancer patients and families about their emotional and physical needs and to help them find support services.
  • Patient navigator: A staff member trained to assist patients who may have cancer or who have been newly diagnosed with cancer. A patient navigator helps map out services and resources they may need on their health care journey.
  • Chaplain: A clergyman or clergywoman available to help patients with their spiritual needs.
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