Hybrid OR Combines Best of New and Traditional Surgical Techniques

Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend has a new, high-tech operating room that is making cardiovascular surgery less invasive for more patients and giving surgeons more powerful tools to perform their work. It is the only surgical suite in the region where patients can get diagnosed and treated in one visit, for less downtime and speedier recovery.

Called a hybrid operating room, or “hybrid OR,” the state-of-the-art surgical suite allows surgeons to treat patients with complex medical conditions with new procedures that combine minimally invasive techniques with traditional surgical care, providing much lower risk to patients.

“The surgical suite has all the equipment, monitoring and imaging devices necessary to perform complex surgery without ever having to move the patient out of the OR during the procedure,” said vascular surgeon Craig Seidman, MD, who has worked in the hybrid OR since its opening Jan. 17.

The hybrid OR is fully equipped in the event that the need arises to perform traditional open surgery, saving precious minutes once spent transporting patients from the catheterization lab to an operating room. The first of its kind in the region, the hybrid OR is larger than most operating rooms and is equipped with specialized imaging equipment that allows surgeons to see inside of organs and blood vessels to aid in minimally invasive treatments for vascular disease. It provides real-time, moving, three-dimensional images from all angles.

Vascular surgeons were the first to use the hybrid OR, but surgeons from other disciplines have begun taking advantage of the technology. Cardiologist Matthew Trojan, MD, has used the suite to perform an innovative laser-assisted removal of damaged or malfunctioning pacemaker leads. “I wouldn’t consider performing this procedure without the capabilities offered in the hybrid OR,” Dr. Trojan said.

Surgeons and technicians from a variety of specialties, including vascular, cardiac and thoracic surgery, trauma and interventional radiology, will collaborate to provide top-notch, multidisciplinary care for each patient. It is truly a patient-centered operating room, with multiple care providers and varied expertise all in one room, surrounding the patient.