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Medical Services

Care Team

When you are battling cancer, it's good to know that you have a team to support you in every aspect of your fight. That's why the professionals at PeaceHealth Regional Cancer Center assemble a complete team of experts for each patient. With this team approach, treatment is streamlined and customized to make the process easier for you while achieving your best outcome.

Do you feel afraid? Frustrated? Confused? We understand. Even better, your team at PeaceHealth knows what to do to help you feel like you again. Our experts work together to treat you, not just your cancer.

Meet your team

Medical Oncologist: Your medical oncologist is with you from the moment of diagnosis, using their expertise to develop and oversee your customized treatment plan. Medical oncologists specialize in cancer treatment and can help you learn about your particular cancer, choose the best treatment options, and improve your quality of life during treatment.

Nurse Navigator: Nurse Navigators are the angels on your side throughout your treatment. You’ll meet them first at your Pre-Treatment Consultation (PTC) and they will be with you throughout to answer your questions and help with your concerns.

Physicians: Our physicians are specially trained for radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery procedures, including CyberKnife® radiosurgery and minimally invasive techniques.

Social Workers: Our masters-level oncology social workers provide support, resources, and education for you at the Regional Cancer Center.

On-site dietitians: Specially trained for oncology patient needs, our dietitians know what foods you should eat to ensure you get the nutrition you need.

Clinical pharmacists: Our board-certified clinical pharmacists are located on-site so you get the information you need about your medications as conveniently as possible.

Insurance specialists: Insurance specialists help you navigate the ever-changing waters of health insurance to make sure you are covered.

Community educators: When you, or your family, need information, our community educators are there to share the latest information.

Radiation oncology specialists: Our radiation experts are ready to help you with all aspects of your radiation therapy.

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