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Frequently Asked Questions

If symptoms do not respond to these methods or you have more questions, call for an appointment.


Q: What things should I be seen for immediately?

If you experience any of the following symptoms during your pregnancy, please call our office immediately and we may recommend you come in to the hospital: 

• Vaginal Bleeding or spotting. Spotting is common, especially early and late in the pregnancy and after intercourse, however if you have any spotting, please call our office

• Severe continuous headache which does not resolve with a dose of 1000mg of Tylenol 

• Severe pain in the abdomen

• Persistent vomiting

• Sudden gush of fluid from the vagina


Q: It burns! What can I do to treat pregnancy related heartburn?

• Eat smaller, more frequent meals

• Try not to lie down within two hours after eating

• Try over the counter Tums or Rolaids

• If the Tums or Rolaids aren’t working, start Pepcid AC or Zantac (generic equivalents are fine)

• Talk with us at your next visit if these methods do not control your symptoms


Q: I have cold-like symptoms, cough, sore throat and/or nasal congestion. Can I take anything?!

• Your immune system works best with plenty of water, sleep, and fresh fruits/vegetables

• Consider trying Tylenol 1000mg three times daily for pain

• Tylenol-Cold, Tylenol Sinus, Dayquil, robitussin, and cough drops are safe


Q: I have diarrhea.  

• Increase clear fluids 

• BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast)

• Avoid diary, spicy and greasy foods.

• Call if you note racing heartbeat, lightheadedness, or weakness. These signs of dehydration may require IV fluids and evaluation by a doctor. 


Q: I am throwing up daily, or it feels like I will at least. Help! 

• Try eating small frequent meals 

• Avoid an empty stomach. Try a few bites of crackers, dry toast, plain popcorn or dry cereal. This can work first thing in the morning, before getting out of bed even!

• Bland diet; avoid spicy and greasy foods

• 25mg of vitamin B6 taken 3-4 times a day scheduled   

• Avoid foods and odors that make you feel sick

• Call if you note racing heartbeat, lightheadedness, or weakness. These signs of dehydration may require IV fluids and evaluation by a doctor. 


Q: I have a headache.

• Drink more water!!!!

• Alternate warm and cold compresses

• Tylenol 1000mg every 6 hours as needed

• Try a nap, or at least a quiet and dark room

• Stress reduction

• DO NOT USE Advil, Aleve, Ibuprofen or Aspirin unless directed by your doctor

• Don’t skip meals


Q: I am constipated and/or my hemorrhoids are acting up.  

• Increase fiber: bran cereal, vegetables, and over-the-counter fiber supplements like Metamucil or fiber con. 

• Increase fluid intake, and then some more!

• Take a 30-minute brisk walk. Exercise has been shown to help constipation

• Stool softeners like Colace at a dose of 100mg twice a day

• Warm sitz baths for 20 minutes twice a day may help hemorrhoids, as can over the counter creams, suppositories, Preparation H, and tucks pads  


Q: It itches! What do I do about vaginal discharge?

• Over the counter vaginal creams or inserts are fine – one, three, five or seven day monostat preparations are all acceptable for yeast infections.

• Other things can cause discharge besides yeast: please ask your doctor at your next visit so we can make sure to test for bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. 

• Call your doctor now if you think your bag of water may have ruptured.


Q: How do I treat varicose veins?

• Support hose are very helpful, especially at 20-30mmHg of pressure

• Avoid standing for prolonged periods of time, elevate your legs several times per day, and if you are seated for a long time try to pump your legs up and down to circulate the blood.


Q: I have new urine symptoms. 

If you feel you have a Urnary Tract Infection, you should call the office. UTIs in pregnancy can have different symptoms, usually a cramping and/or feeling of pressure. You can help prevent UTI’s by drinking at least 64 oz. of water a day. 


Q: My back, hips, buttock are killing me. What will help?   

• Heating pad or ice (see which one is more effective for you)

• Tylenol 1000mg every 6 hours as needed

• Massages, physical therapy, yoga and manual adjustments are safe  

• Be careful when lifting – bend your knees, squat close to the load, and lift with your thigh muscles

• Wear low-heeled, comfortable shoes 

• Changing positions regularly


Q: My feet are swollen, is this normal? 

• Swelling in your legs is very common at the end of pregnancy.

• You may try elevating your legs at/above the level of your heart

• Support hose: put them on first thing in the morning when the swelling is minimal 

• Decrease sodium in your diet

• Avoid prolonged standing 

• Avoid prolonged sitting in the same position. Pump your legs and take breaks often if you are on road trips.

• If you have sudden and severe ankle swelling and rapid weight gain, or if you notice pain, warmth or swelling in one leg, please notify your provider. 


Q: I can’t sleep! What should I try for insomnia?  

Warm baths; soft music; 30-60 minutes of exercise daily; massage; a quiet and dark room; and a regular sleep schedule all help. Try sleeping on your side with a pillow to support your knees and hip joints. Benadryl (25mg) on occasion may help if you have difficulty falling asleep but should not be used regularly.



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