Vein Surgery

Remember when your legs used to turn heads? Want those beautiful vein-free legs back? There are minimally invasive procedures to treat venous diseases including varicose veins and spider veins.

The surgeons at PeaceHealth Medical Group are specially trained to offer the latest techniques for treating venous diseases including:

Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment is a treatment alternative to surgical stripping of varicose veins in the legs. A small laser fiber is inserted, usually through a needle stick in the skin, into the damaged vein. Pulses of laser light are delivered inside the vein, which causes the vein to collapse and seal shut.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency is another minimally invasive procedure that treats varicose veins and their underlying cause, venous reflux. Using the Closure system, physicians close the diseased veins by inserting a catheter into a vein and heating the vein wall using temperature-controlled RF (radio frequency) energy. Heating the vein wall causes collagen in the wall to shrink and the vein to close. After the vein is sealed shut, blood then naturally reroutes to healthy veins.

These procedures are performed on an outpatient basis with little or no pain. Patients can walk away from the vein procedure and be back to everyday activities – either at home or at work – typically within a day.

PeaceHealth Medical Group has several experienced physicians that perform these procedures.

Learn about varicose veins and treatments.

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