Sleep Center

We are a full service sleep medicine center, accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. As an accredited and long standing center, we can treat the most difficult sleep problems.

Our specialized team, led by Marlene Dietrich, MD, Board-certified in Sleep Medicine, includes nationally accredited sleep technologists. Along with our team of board-certified physicians and accredited sleep technologists, we have hotel-quality sleep rooms. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality of care to adults and children.

We use the latest digital technology for diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. Some of these include:

Why Choose Us

  • Full service sleep center, including consultation, exam, study interpretation, treatment, patient education & follow-up for all types of sleep disorders.
  • Assistance for patients that have limited or no insurance coverage.
  • Our specialized technologists are nationally registered and participate in continuing education.
  • Have the highest levels of training among staff, and emphasis on continuing education.
  • Registered sleep technologists on staff.
  • Pay special attention to the needs of children, including arrangements for parents.
  • Pleasant sleep study rooms at our 87th office.
  • AASM board certified pulmonary and neurology physicians interpret the studies.
  • Sleep studies are available 7 days each week for daytime and nighttime testing.

Insomnia 101

Insomnia 101

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PeaceHealth Sleep Center
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