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Fisher’s Landing Integrative Medicine Clinic

Matthew Van Auken, MD

Our Fisher’s Landing Integrative Medicine Clinic, run by Matthew Van Auken, MD, MPH, is pleased to serve PeaceHealth patients for all types of medical conditions, as well as for preventive and wellness care.

We think about medical issues from a holistic east-west perspective, treating symptoms but also looking for the root causes of disease.

Together, we will investigate whether there is something you need (a nutrient, an herb, deep sleep, meditation, hugs, time in nature...) and we will also look at what you might need less of in your life to improve your sense of wellness.

Together we will work to identify your obstacles to ideal health. We'll consider diverse ideas like infection, food allergy, harmful exposures, unhealthy relationships, negative thought patterns, and then develop a plan to help you can work with them. This can sometimes involve some detective work. We may suggest some laboratory tests or other investigative methods, but the most important part of our work together will be helping you develop your own awareness. We want to empower you to heal yourself!

Our recommendations for treatment are likely to involve mind-body medicine, lifestyle recommendations, supplements and herbs, and thoughtfully-chosen pharmaceuticals. Patients often come to our Integrative Medicine clinic after a visit to their primary care provider. We are happy to interface with other providers who might be involved in your care, whether they be naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbalists, or otherwise.

If you are interested in the Integrative Medicine clinic service, ask your primary care provider for a referral. All Integrative Medicine visits take place at our Fisher's Landing location with Dr. Van Auken. For your first appointment, please bring the containers for all the over-the-counter products, herbs, and supplements that you are taking.

It is our privilege to be allies on your healing journey. We look forward to meeting you and working together.

Matthew Van Auken, MD