"Mommy Makeover" Patient Story

"Everything just fell into place."
Kristen Taylor
Age 42
Surgeon: Dr. Allen Gabriel, PeaceHealth Medical Group Plastic Surgery

Kristen Taylor had wanted a tummy tuck for almost 20 years. When she met the right surgeon, Dr. Allen Gabriel of PeaceHealth Medical Group Plastic Surgery, she said, "everything just fell into place."

Kristen first met Dr. Gabriel in a meeting unrelated to her surgery. "He was so unpretentious, friendly and easy to talk to. I decided to talk to him about body contouring," she said. "I was very impressed with the type of person he is and how he handles himself."

Kristen decided to get a "Mommy Makeover." This contouring procedure includes a tummy tuck, breast lift, upper back liposuction and hip liposuction. The surgery took only five hours. Dr. Gabriel employs state-of the-art technology, and uses an ultrasonic liposuction machine, which leaves the skin very smooth and tight.

"I'm so pleased with the results," said Kristen, less than two months after the surgery. "It was such a good experience. I had little pain and great care. It was more positive than I even expected it to be."

Dr. Gabriel's team left the biggest impression on Kristen. His nurse Rachel and assistant Shelby were present at the very first consultation, and they were there for Kristen through the whole process. "Everyone had a comprehensive understanding of what I needed and wanted from my desired outcome," she said.

 The whole team answered Kristen's questions promptly and compassionately. Dr. Gabriel called her regularly during recovery. "I never felt like there was any miscommunication or lag in communication, and that was one of the things I was most impressed with."

A world traveler and runner, Kristen is already back to her supportive family and active life-and looks great living it.