Pondering Pregnancy Patient Class

"I was sold after the Pondering Pregnancy class. I didn’t even look at other hospitals and facilities."

Celene Tinnon
Vancouver area
Age 30
Provider: Dr. Robin Virgin, PeaceHealth Medical Group Fisher's Landing


Celene Tinnon had recently switched her family's health care to Fisher’s Landing PeaceHealth Medical Group Family Medicine, and was looking for a hospital to have her baby. She found her future birth center at one of PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center's Pondering Pregnancy classes. PeaceHealth Southwest Obstetrician Dr. Robin Virgin gave a talk about health issues in pregnancy and offered a tour of the birth center to that evening's attendees. In addition to showing the families all of the amenities, Dr. Virgin spoke about her own birth experience at the center.

"I really liked her – she just seemed open and friendly. After the Pondering Pregnancy class, I was totally sold on her as a doctor and the birth center there at Southwest," said Celene. "I knew I wanted to try for a natural birth and the Family Birth Center had all the resources — a birthing ball, a Jacuzzi tub, a room to yourself through labor, delivery and recovery. I was sold after the class — I didn’t even look at other hospitals and facilities."

In the end, Celene was induced due to pregnancy-induced hypertension, or preeclampsia.

"That was not in my plan," she said. "But overall the experience was great. The nurses were really great — they did the best they could to support my wanting a natural birth. I didn't need an epidural, and when it came to the final pushing phase, Dr. Virgin was there and the whole room just felt so serene and calm."

Celene’s hospital stay was happy and informative.

"Any questions I had they answered," said Celene, "and a lactation consultant came in both days I was there to help get breast feeding going."

After she was released from the hospital, she did her follow-up mother-baby checks through her established clinic at Fishers Landing, adding to the continuum of care she felt throughout.

Dr. Virgin became a part of Celene’s family.

"She was my primary provider during pregnancy, and I asked if she would be my OB. She is a family physician as well, and is now our daughter's pediatrician as well our primary care doctor. It’s really nice to have one person who knows your whole family and history."

Celene said the Pondering Pregnancy class was the perfect way to learn about the place she eventually gave birth to little Leila Rose.

"I would just recommend it for anyone who is thinking about delivering at PeaceHealth Southwest."