Continuity of Care Patient Story

"Continuity of care for the whole family is there at PeaceHealth Medical Group"
Adriana Dameron
Provider: PeaceHealth Medical Group Fisher's Landing

When Adriana Dameron became pregnant, she realized she was very unsettled by the many "unknowns" that pregnancy and the birthing process can bring. She didn't feel confident about delivering her first baby. In fact, she sought out PeaceHealth Medical Group Fisher's Landing for prenatal care and to schedule a Cesarean section for her first son's birth.

But her doctor took a different approach – he gave Adriana what she needed to embark on her birth experience with confidence and excitement. "He was very positive, and encouraging – very tough love." she said. "He gave me the information I needed to make that decision for myself."

Adriana experienced an intense 23-hour labor at the PeaceHealth Southwest Family Birth Center with Dr. Vinson as her delivery doctor. She felt completely supported by the nurses and staff through the entire labor and vaginal birth. "After I was done I felt so empowered. I had dreaded it and I was so terrified, and it was such a beautiful experience." Afterward, the center had an open door to Adriana's questions and challenges, including total support for breastfeeding. "After the baby, I felt we had the information and tools we needed to go forward."

Today, Adriana's toddler Asher and her husband Wesley, who at 30 was found to have heart failure, both go to PeaceHealth Medical Group Fisher's Landing for their primary care. When she is not on maternal, she sees physician's assistant Jennifer Platz. "Continuity of care for the whole family is there at PeaceHealth Medical Group," said Adriana. "And I'm so happy that my doctor is taking care of my boys."

Today, Adriana is under his care again - Asher's younger brother Noah is due in July.