Lab Services

For Identifying & Helping to Treat Conditions

Sometimes when you're sick, the cause of the problem isn't obvious. Your provider may ask you to give a sample of blood or other fluid to be tested for infection, virus or other indicator of the problem.

When you're healthy, your doctor may recommend lab tests periodically to determine your blood sugar, cholesterol levels or other key health measures. By knowing your numbers, you can decide whether you need to make lifestyle changes to improve those numbers and your overall health.

Lab Tests at PeaceHealth

Some types of lab tests may be done at your provider's clinic during your visit. For more advanced lab tests, PeaceHealth Medical Group doctors generally refer patients to PeaceHealth Laboratories in PeaceHealth's St. John Medical Center at 1615 Delaware St. in Longview. View information that may help you prepare for your lab test(s).

Lab Results

The amount of time it takes to get lab results back will depend on the test. It usually takes one to two weeks. You can view your results online using PeaceHealth PatientConnection. This free secure service is available to all PeaceHealth patients. Sign up or test drive PatientConnection.

The provider who ordered the lab test(s) will review the results and will let you know if you need any follow-up care based on what was shown. View information on Understanding Your Lab Results.

Preparing for Tests

For some diagnostic tests, you may need to prepare ahead of time. Learn more about tests of all kinds in our online health library.