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Psychiatry (Behavioral Health)

Support for Good Mental Health

The word "Psychiatry" is based on the Greek words meaning "mind (or soul) healer." Psychiatrists are medical doctors who focus on studying, preventing and treating disorders of the mind to help people think, feel and behave in healthy, positive ways.

Examples of mental health issues are:

  • depression (mild to extreme sadness that won't go away)
  • bipolar (sudden or frequent mood swings from extreme sadness to extreme happiness)
  • obsessive compulsive (feeling compelled to think about or do the same thing repeatedly)
  • paranoia (a strong fear that others intend to hurt you)
  • phobias (extreme or unexplained fears)

Causes of mental disorders can include genetics, physical make-up, chemical imbalances, trauma, life experiences, environment or a combination of various factors.

There is hope and help for those who struggle with emotional or mental issues. Medication, counseling and special therapy are among the various types of treatments that can be used.

Psychiatry at PeaceHealth

PeaceHealth Medical Group in Ketchikan has a team of skilled Psychiatrists who provides medical and non-medical care for adults affected by mental or emotional disorders and behavioral problems:

Contact Us

PeaceHealth Psychiatry
3100 Tongass Ave, 2nd Floor
Clinic & Surgery Building
Ketchikan, AK 99901

Phone: 907-228-7660

This clinic is licensed as part of PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center. You may receive a separate charge or billing for facility fees in addition to any professional fees for services, which may result in a higher out-of-pocket expense.

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3100 Tongass Ave
Clinic & Surgery Building
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