First Public Video Phone Now at Peace Harbor


Peace Harbor Hospital is one of the first facilities in Lane County to introduce the Public Access Videophone (PAV). For the first time ever with the push of a button, deaf, hard of hearing and speech-disabled people can gain access to a wide range of communications services in a public setting.
Fully integrated video technology allows consumers the freedom to choose the call format most comfortable for them, including Video Point-to-Point and Video Relay Service (VRS).
Better than a pay phone
A videophone is a telephone with a video screen, and is capable of video transmissions for communication between people in real-time. A Video Relay Service (VRS), also sometimes known as
 a Video Interpreting Service, is a video communication service that allows the deaf and speech-impaired individuals to communicate over videophones with hearing people in real-time, via a sign language interpreter.
The PAV can accommodate multiple call types suitable for a wide variety of users. The service is free, with no restrictions or time limits.
The first PAV in Florence is located in PeaceHarbor Hospital, just off the main lobby, outside the Gift Shop.
Wonderful for patients, families and friends
The PAV provides a much-needed communication tool for people who use a video phone or TTY/TDD, instead of a standard telephone, to communicate with their family and friends. "Now when they need to call for a ride home or to talk with family and friends they can do so easily.” says Nena Harvey, Operations Director for PeaceHealth Medical Group in Florence.