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Anticoagulation Services

Special Care for Patients on Blood-Thinners

Anticoagulation means to stop blood from clotting or clumping so that it stops flowing freely. Patients who are at risk of developing blood clots need close monitoring.

If you are taking blood-thinning medication, your doctor may refer you to our Anticoagulation Clinic, which will help you get the most from your medication and avoid bleeding or other bad side effects.

Benefits to Patient

Our clinic is set up to help you learn about anticoagulation therapy, get regular blood tests and have your medication dosage adjusted as needed. Our staff members work closely with your own physicians. You will continue to see your primary care provider for all medical care that 's not related to anticoagulation therapy.

What Happens at Appointments

When coming in for your appointment, check in at either the Specialty Clinic front desk if you are a specialty clinic or internal medicine patient. Check in at the Family Practice Team A desk if you are a family practice patient.You will be asked to have a seat and then taken back by a nurse into an exam room.

Each 15-minute appointment will include reviewing your current medications, obtaining a finger stick Protime, and adjusting anticoagulation therapy as needed. We feel that this immediate feedback on Protime levels, along with increased education, will allow you better control of your therapy and limit any potential side effects.

Education & Next Steps

Our on-going patient education will include methods of handling side effects, symptoms of toxicity, importance of compliance with medication therapy and coming in for routine checks.

If the values of your blood are within the therapeutic range and you are not having any problems, you will be advised to stay on the same dose of your current medicine. We will also schedule you for your next clinic appointment approximately one month later.

Any problems related or unrelated to Coumadin therapy will be discussed with your primary-care provider or a PeaceHealth Medical Group physician for evaluation.

Anticoagulation services are available at:

For more information call 458-205-6385