Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Your Role as a Patient

PeaceHealth Medical Group strives to provide exceptional, compassionate care to all patients, every time, every touch. There are several important things that you, as a patient, can do to help us give you the best possible care.

Please take a moment to read the Patient Rights and Responsibilities below.

Your Rights as a Patient

As a patient at St. Joseph Hospital (and PeaceHealth Medical Group), you have the right to:

    • Impartial access to medically indicated services available at PeaceHealth.
    • Considerate, respectful care, including respect for your personal values and beliefs.
    • Know the names of doctors caring for you and which doctor is coordinating your care.
    • Receive from your doctor information concerning your care and condition in terms you can understand. You may include or exclude family members from hearing this information.
    • Information necessary to give informed consent before the start of any procedure. Except in emergencies, this information usually includes a description of the procedure, significant benefits and risks involved, how long you may be incapacitated, and reasonable medical alternatives.
    • Be involved in care planning and treatment.
    • Pain assessment and management, and to have your report of pain believed.
    • Consult with another doctor at your own request and expense.
    • Refuse treatment and to be informed of the medical consequences of your refusal.
    • Privacy in the performance of your medical care.
    • Confidentiality of records and communications regarding your care. Certain information may be released to appropriate persons or agencies (e.g., insurance companies) according to state and/or federal laws.
    • Give or withhold your consent to participate in research projects or procedures. This includes information about the project, the potential risks and discomforts, and advantages of participating
      in the project.
    • Examine and receive an explanation of your hospital or doctor bill.
    • Access information contained in your medical records within a reasonable timeframe, in accordance with state and federal regulations.
    • Have an Advance Directive and have those who provide your care comply with your directive. Provision of care does not depend on having an Advance Directive. Information about Advance Directives can be provided to you upon request.
    • Appoint a surrogate to make health care decisions as permitted by law.
    • Participate in consideration of ethical issues that arise in your care.
    • Initiate review of any concern you may have about your care.
    • Have a family member or representative, and your physician, notified promptly upon your admission to the hospital.
    • Receive care in a safe environment.
    • Be free from unnecessary restraint and any form of abuse or harassment.

Your Responsibilities as a Patient

Patients at St. Joseph Hospital (and PeaceHealth Medical Group) are partners in health care with these important responsibilities:

    • Participate actively in decisions regarding your health care
    • Provide accurate, complete and timely information regarding your medical history, current symptoms and problems, and other matters relating to your health
    • Ask questions and seek clarification in order to understand and be informed about your diagnosis and treatment as well as what is expected of you
    • Notify your doctor or nurse at once if:
      • You notice any changes in your health
      • You have any concerns about your health
      • You cannot or will not follow certain treatment plans
    • Follow the instructions and advice of your doctor
    • Be considerate of other patients and hospital personnel
    • Be respectful of the property of other persons and of the hospital, and follow hospital rules affecting patient care and conduct
    • Ensure that the financial obligations of your health care are fulfilled promptly
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